USB Device Stack

The Embedded SDK includes a full featured USB device stack which provides the ability USB communications for the target microcontroller. The stack offers high performance all while maintaining an easy to use, straight forward interface for developers.

The device stack runs atop the kernel and utilizes a dedicated thread to handle enumeration with a host over the default control endpoints. After enumeration, applications can simply interact with their respective interfaces and endpoints.

Key Features

  • Object Oriented
    Easily add and manage multiple configurations, interfaces and endpoints using intuitive data structures.
  • Automatic Descriptors
    Simply specify parameters for the configurations, interfaces and endpoints and the descriptors are automatically created for the host at runtime.
  • Zero Copy Buffers
    Designed for high performance, the device stack does not perform any extra buffering of the endpoints. Proper handshaking is maintained and provides highly reliable data transfers.

Supported Interfaces