Embedded SDK

The embedded software development kit (SDK) is a collection of high quality software, written in 'C', for use on microcontrollers. The SDK serves as a platform for developers to rapidly create high performance applications.

Companion Components

Key Features

  • Hardware Independent API
    The SDK provides the same API across all supported MCUs. This makes running your application on a different MCU easy.
  • Seamless Layers
    The SDK software architecture eliminates unnecessary layers and glue code, thus providing you with clean, easy-to-read and follow code.
  • Integrated Drivers
    The SDK has low-level peripheral drivers that already take advantage of the kernel. This gives you an optimal, production ready platform to build your applications on.
  • No Dependencies
    The SDK has no dependencies on any third party code, so you get clean consistent code throughout every layer of the software.
  • Cross Platform
    The SDK supports multiple toolchains and does not use or depend upon any vendor-specific code files (e.g. chip register header files).

Demo Projects

The SDK distributions contain demonstration projects that show how to use the SDK on popular evaluation boards for a variety of toolchains and IDEs.