About Us

DZX Designs develops and supports an intuitive, easy-to-read software platform for microcontrollers. Our primary mission is to provide fellow engineers with turn-key type solutions by continually expanding our embedded SDK.

The Software

We believe our embedded software has a unique architecture. For example, we provide peripheral drivers that utilize the real-time kernel to provide an out-of-the-box solution, not something you need to "wrap up". Typically, when using drivers from MCU vendors etc., the drivers exist below the level of a kernel, thus making the developer write higher level wrappers for the low-level drivers.


We chose the dual license model for our software to serve a wide range of developers. The free open source license allows hobbyists, enthusiasts, students and everyone to use and learn the DZX SDK. The commercial license is great for those creating proprietary, closed-source applications.

The commercial software is bundled together and licensed as a whole kit, with a perpetual license. This means no extra fees per software component, per chip, per product, per location etc. One simple price per developer and the software that is acquired during the active license period is licensed forever.


I am an embedded hardware/software engineer with 12 years experience developing consumer electronic devices. I created the SDK to help engineers have a solid starting point for their microcontroller applications.

Over the years, I found myself having to create many software components time and time again, even when I purchased commercial software. The existing commercial software didn't provide an entire solution, just pieces that still required a fair amount of development. I discovered that most of these components were used in most of my applications. I have included these components as drop-in solutions within the SDK, such as the peripheral drivers, USB connectivity with PC's and fully functional bootloaders.

I look forward to the future, creating new components for the SDK, and personally serving all of the developers using our software!

-Tyler Drazich
Owner & Lead Engineer

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