Include Paths

This topic describes how to configure include paths to use the DZX SDK with LPCXpresso.

The software source code within the Embedded SDK is contained within a single source directory. When compiling the software, include paths are used to select the target MCU architecture, MCU peripherals and board support files.

For example, the following include paths are added to the project settings when building an application for the NXP LPC18S37 evaluation board. Each of the specified paths are relative to the location of the current project file.

  • "../../../../Source"
    Provides a path to the common source code directory.
  • "../../../../Source/Kernel/Port/ARM/M3"
    Selects the core architecture for the kernel by providing the path to the kernel port.
  • "../../../../Source/MCU/LPC18xx"
    Selects the MCU platform source code by providing the path to the peripheral drivers.
  • "../../../../Source/Demo/LPC18S37-LPCX"
    Selects the board support code by providing a path to the board drivers.

The include directories can be added within the project properties dialog. Select 'Project' from the main menu, or right-click on the project folder then select Properties (or Alt + Enter). On the left side of the dialog, under Select the C/C++ build node, select Settings. Within the Tool Settings tab, select Includes. The following shows the dialog with the include paths added.