OM13001 Embedded Artists OEM

The Embedded SDK provides demonstration projects for the Embedded Artists OEM LPC1788 evaluation board.

Demo Applications

  • Hello World
    A minimal application that uses the SDK library to initialize the MCU and provides a template for creating custom applications.
  • Data Link
    An application that demonstrates an implementation of a data link over both the UART (FTDI connector) and native USB interfaces. See the data link demos for more information about how to use this application.
  • USB-Boot
    A USB Device Firmware Update (DFU) Bootloader application. The application provides the ability to update the device's firmware/software over a USB interface.
  • USB-Runtime
    A runtime application that can be updated using the USB-Boot bootloader application. This application also utilizes a Generic USB Interface to demonstrate USB communications with a PC.

Supported Toolchains/IDEs