Linker Settings

This topic describes how to configure linker settings within Keil μVision.

Relocating an Application

An application may need to be placed at a different address within the device. The address can be changed within the project options dialog. Begin with adjusting the ROM memory space for the project using the 'Target' tab within the project options dialog. For this example, the default location was address 0x1A000000 and the application is being moved to address 0x1A008000, which is an offset of 0x8000 from the default. Notice that the size must be adjusted as well.

The linker also needs to have the base address adjusted for proper placement of the vector table. Select the 'Linker' tab within the project options dialog as shown below. For this example, the base address is changed to the new target location for the application at 0x1A008000.