SDK Licensing

The DZX SDK is dual licensed and can be used under an open source or a commercial license.

The SDK can be used for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). Although free, this license has requirements that must be met if you choose this license.

For those creating proprietary closed source applications, or those who cannot meet the requirements of the open source license, we offer a commercial license. The commercial license removes all obligations imposed by the open source license.

Open Source License (GPLv3) Commercial License
Can I use the DZX software in a commercial application? Yes Yes
Can I receive professional technical support? No Yes
Do I have to open source for my apps that use DZX software? Yes* No
Do I have to open source my changes to the DZX software? Yes* No
Do I have to document that my product uses DZX software? Yes* No

* Yes, if you distribute the SDK software directly, or indirectly by distributing hardware (a device) that is running any of the SDK software. No, if you only use the software for internal purposes.

Choose Open Source
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