Linker Settings

This topic describes how to configure linker settings within IAR Embedded Workbench.

Relocating an Application

The linker is responsible for placing application code at specific addresses within the device's memory. By default, the linker uses a configuration file that is located within the IAR Embedded Workbench installation directory. The image below shows the default configuration file. For this example it is the file LPC1857.icf.

Since the default configuration file should not be edited (for future projects), make a copy of the default configuration file and place it within the target project's directory. Then check the box "Override default" and enter the name of the copied file as show in the screen shot below.

Next, click the 'Edit' button to specify the new location for the application. For this example, the default location was address 0x1A000000 and the application is being moved to address 0x1A008000, which is an offset of 0x8000 from the default. Notice that both the Vector Table and ROM locations need to have the 0x8000 offset applied as shown in the following screen shots.