OM13039 Keil MCB1857

Keil MCB1857

The Embedded SDK provides demonstration projects for the Keil MCB1857 evaluation board.

Demo Applications

The Embedded SDK includes the following demonstration projects for this evaluation board.

  • Hello World
    A minimal application that uses the SDK library to initialize the MCU and provides a template for creating custom applications.
  • LM75A
    An application that demonstrates using the NXP LM75A driver to communicate with the on-board temperature sensor via I²C.
    An application that demonstrates using the Cypress S25FL032P (SPIFI) driver to read and program the on-board serial flash chip using the SPIFI peripheral.
  • Data Link
    An application that demonstrates an implementation of a data link over both the UART (FTDI connector) and native USB interfaces. See the data link demos for more information about how to use this application.
    An application that demonstrates using the mass storage interface within the USB device stack. The application provides the attached host access to the on-board SD/MMC card using the SD/MMC driver.
  • USB-Boot
    A USB Device Firmware Update (DFU) Bootloader application. The application provides the ability to update the device's firmware/software over a USB interface.
  • USB-Runtime
    A runtime application that can be updated using the USB-Boot bootloader application. This application also utilizes a Generic USB Interface to demonstrate USB communications with a PC.

Supported Toolchains/IDEs

In-Application Programming (ISP)

This board includes a serial port for access to the In-System Programming (ISP) interface. The Programmer utility tool can be used to program the LPC1857 using the serial port.