.NET Software

Use the DZX .NET libraries to easily create your own .NET applications that communicate with microcontroller devices. Start with a demo application that communicates to any device running one of the SDK demo projects. Each library and demo application is provided with full source code.

WinUSB Devices

The devices library (DZX.Devices.dll) provides everything you need to implement USB communications between a Windows PC and a microcontroller device. The library contains the 'USBDevice' class which wraps the WinUSB interface up into a few simple methods to transfer messages with the connected device.

Get started without writing any software by using the USB Terminal developer tool to communicate with a device running a demo application.

NXP In-System Programming (ISP)

The devices library also supports programming NXP microcontrollers over their In-System Programming (ISP) interface. The library contains the 'ISPDevice' class which provides the ability for your own applications to program NXP microcontrollers.

The Developer Tools distribution contains the Programmer and the Command-Line Programmer that can be used to program ISP devices without having to write any custom software.

Data Link

For those who prefer more automation, the Data Link component can be used to design a messaging protocol. The protocol is then used to automatically generate code for assembling and parsing the messages that are transferred between the device and PC. The generated .NET software can be used with either a native USB, an FTDI USB-to-Serial or a standard serial port connection.

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