Licensing FAQ

Review the common questions and answers about the DZX software licensing.

How can I tell which license version of software I am using?

We have separate open source and commercial distributions. The distributions either have 'OpenSource' or 'Commercial' in their names which indicates their license for usage. Also, each source code file contains a license disclaimer that indicates the allowed usage of the file.

Commercial Licenses

Do we have to purchase a license for every developer on our team?

Ideally, yes. Each developer that uses any of the software under the terms of the commercial license (uses software files with the commercial license disclaimer) must have their own assigned license. Any developer using the open source version will have to meet the requirements imposed by the open source license.

Can I develop with the software installed on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install the commercial SDK software and our development tools onto as many computers as needed as long as everyone using the commercial SDK software has a valid commercial license.

Can I continue to distribute my application and devices after my supported term has expired?

Yes, you can continue to distribute your applications and devices for as long as you'd like. The expiration only terminates your access to new releases of the commercial SDK and technical support.

Does the commercial license allow for source code distribution?

No, commercially licensed software can only be distributed in a binary form.

Can I make changes to the commercial SDK?

Yes, but the modified software can only be distributed in a binary form (you cannot distribute the modified source code).

Open Source Licenses

What are my obligations when using the SDK under the GPL?

See Open Source Licensing for an overview of the license obligations. Refer to GNU General Purpose License version 3 (GPLv3) for the complete text of the license.

Can I use the open source version to develop my commercial product?

It depends on how you license and distribute your product. The open source version of the SDK is distributed under the GPL, version 3. You will need to fulfill the license obligations for this license when using the SDK in your product.

Can I use the open source version to evaluate the software before purchasing a commercial license?

Yes, you can, but all software you develop using the open source SDK must meet the requirements of the open source license. If you're making a closed source application, you'll need to acquire the commercial license (and the commercial SDK) before developing any of your closed source application.

Can I create a support ticket when using the open source SDK?

Yes, we value all feedback and we wish to continually improve the open source version of the SDK. You'll need to create an account on this site before you can create tickets.