Open Source Licensing

The DZX SDK can be used for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3). The GPLv3 is a copyleft license; thus, any software you write using the open source SDK, or modifications you make to the SDK, must also be licensed under the GPLv3. Please review the license to ensure that you can meet all of the requirements.

For example,

  • You must open source for your applications built upon the SDK.
  • You must open source any changes you make to the SDK.
  • You must provide the ability to install modified code, for your applications, upon your distributed devices.
  • You must document that your application/device contains GPL software.

If you cannot agree to meet the full requirements of the open source license, you must acquire a Commercial License.


The open source distributions are made available for download from this site. To ensure you receive the correct version, each open source archive will have 'OpenSource' within its name, and each contained source file will have an appropriate header that indicates its license for use.


Community Contributions

For those who contribute source code to be integrated into our main-line distribution, you must agree for the copyright of the contributed source code to be assigned to DZX Designs. This is a typical policy for dual licensed software and we appreciate your understanding.