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Recent Releases

RELEASE V16.2.1 - Apr 11, 2016

Added demo projects for the LPC1343, LPC18S37 and LPC4337 LPCXpresso boards.

Added demo projects for the LPC18S37 LPCXpresso board and the MCB1857 board.

Added peripheral drivers for LPC13x1x2x3 and LPC43xx MCUs.

CRITICAL - Fix for multiple sources editing a thread's remaining time before timeout and causing a thread to not be rescheduled.

RELEASE V16.1.7 - Mar 23, 2016
T15033 - USBD Connection Notifications

Added the ability to provide custom handler functions for determining disk media presence and write protection.

Added the ability to enable/disable a logical unit within a mass storage interface to control a host's access to the disk media.

Added support for using either port 0 or port 1 for LPC18xx platform.

Fix for PCA9532_ReadPins() not properly reading both INPUT0 and INPUT1 registers.

RELEASE V16.1.6 - Mar 04, 2016
T15029 - SPI Interrupt not firing
T15032 - The interrupt disable time increases with more threads or timers

Reduced the size of all the embedded software file comment headers and added descriptions for better readability.

Broke out the statistics keeping (locks and irq) so that each be enabled/disabled separately.

Fixed issue with debug symbols not being refreshed when the symbol file changed.

Fixed missing information in some of the columns when in packet view.

RELEASE V16.1.5 - Feb 19, 2016

Added demo for using SPIFI for the on-board Spansion S25FL032P chip on the MCB1857 board.

Added demo using the LM75 temp sensor on the MCB1857 board.

Fixed incorrect setting of CFG_TSTICKSPERSECOND in kernel_cfg.h for the MCB1857 demo.

RELEASE V16.1.4 - Feb 10, 2016

Added support and demo projects for the STM32F411 Discovery evaluation board.

Added support and demo projects for the OM13076 LPC18S37 evaluation board.

Added support for the SPIFI peripheral on the LPC18xx platform.

Added a driver for the ST L3GD20 digital gyroscope device.

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Custom Evaluations

Nothing beats trying the code for yourself. Download one of our pre-compiled evaluations for commercially available evaluation boards. If you have a board that is not currently supported, or even if you have proprietary hardware, drop us a line and we'd be glad to put an evaluation together for you. LPC1788 OEM Board
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.NET Development

Need to develop a Microsoft.NET application that communicates with a device? Our free Microsoft.NET Kit provides libraries (and source code) to connect with generic USB devices, NXP ISP devices and FTDI devices. The libraries are written in C# and provide a simple API to connect, communicate, and even download/upload firmware images from the attached device.
Download the Microsoft.NET Kit