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We are pleased to announce our offical release of the all new DZX USBPort messaging system. The USBPort system provides you with embedded firmware and PC software to get you reliable USB communications implemented quickly in your embedded project. No knowledge of USB is required to use the USBPort as it provides you with everything you need to get you sending messages between your hardware and a PC.

You can also include our USB bootloader to update the firmware in your device over USB. You can use the integrated security features of the bootloader to protect your intellectual property!

Included with the system, you get the source for a sample application that demonstrates how to use the USBPort messaging system along with the USBPort bootloader. You also get access to our DZX USB Workbench to help you develop your USB communications.

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Supported Hardware Platforms

We are working hard to add more hardware platforms to the USBPort messaging system, but if you do not see your particular embedded processor, we would love to hear from you so we can add support for your design. Tell us your processor

New USBPort Releases

DZX USBPort for NXP LPC11UXX Download / Purchase
DZX USBPort for NXP LPC134X Download / Purchase
DZX USBPort for NXP LPC175X/6X Download / Purchase
DZX USBPort for NXP LPC177X/8X Download / Purchase
DZX USBPort for NXP LPC18XX Download / Purchase

Design Services

We provide custom design services that can range from a simple product extension to complete ground-up hardware and software designs. We specialize in creating embedded hardware that can communicate in real time to Microsoft Windows powered PCs. See more about how we can help you complete your next design. Read more about our services...