Embedded Software Development Kit

Build the most efficient, robust and high performance applications with the DZX Embedded SDK.

Our Latest Major Release Is Here

The Embedded SDK is our latest release of software components for software development targeting microcontrollers. The SDK is a feature rich, comprehensive collection of software components and tools. The Embedded SDK includes the following components:
  • Real-Time Kernel (RTOS)
  • MCU Peripheral Drivers (SPI, I²C, UART, ADC, Clocks, Timers etc)
  • Device drivers for off-chip hardware (Memories, Sensors, Expanders, Displays etc)
  • USB Device Stack (MSC, HID, DFU, WinUSB)
  • Secondary Bootloaders
  • Debugging & Diagnostic Tools
Each of the components within the SDK has been designed with a minimalist approach that removes excess layers and lacks the typical "code bloat" seen from other software solutions targeting small embedded devices. Try software that is highly readable and simple to use and debug.

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Drop-In USB Device & Bootloader

The Embedded SDK includes a demo project that provides a generic USB device along with a secondary bootloader for each platform that has an on-chip USB device controller. This is the ultimate package for those creating USB devices.
Use the provided Microsoft.NET libraries to create instant communications between devices and Microsoft powered hosts. The libraries utilize the built-in WinUSB driver which provides your device users with a hassle-free, automatic driver installation.

More Secure
The bootloaders provided with the Embedded SDK now include support for programming AES encrypted images. You can select between either AES-128, AES-192 or AES-256. Use the companion tools provided with the SDK to include secure updates to your device in minutes!

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